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Why are Younger Christians Leaving the Church?

Why are Younger Christians Leaving the Church?

According to a newly released Pew Research Center poll, many Christians under the age of 35 are stated to be leaving the church for varying disturbing reasons. Included in the study is a list of a number of primary causes. The report stated that just over half, 51%, left church simply because they did not agree with the teaching in the churches.

Others who left the church did so in regard to multiple reasons including 46% of the people in this same age group not agreeing with the stances and opinions that their church had taken on various political matters. Others, including 34% in this poll, stated that they did not appreciate religious leaders, and another 31% voiced their opinions that religion had become irrelevant to them.

J. Warner Wallace of Fox News stated that he felt the Pew Research Center had overlooked one very apparent statistic in arriving at their conclusions. Wallace stated that when this particular segment was interviewed, that none of the reasons that were presented by Pew truly and fully applied. In the Pew poll, it was stated that the respondents weren't asked to describe as to why they left the church in their own words, and that their answers were only approximated. Most said that they did not believe that any of the reasons offered by Pew were important to them.

Although Wallace seemed to discount the Pew 2018 survey, he elaborated to a Pew 2016 survey and declared it as being more accurate in that it allowed respondents to answer questions within their own words. These answers included that some ex-Christians felt that they had evolved, but the evolution was a serious faith crisis. Some of the other specifications included that at college, they were taught that religion was an opiate of the people, rational thought makes religion go out the window, making their own decisions became a priority over listening to others, and some said that somewhere along the line that they did not fully believe in God.

Data from the 2016 study explains that ex-Christians developed what could be surmised as an intellectual skepticism; describing beliefs in God as unreasonable or innately blind. It was found that some ex-Christians became disillusioned due to the fact that they felt that leaders of churches could not accurately answer some of their questions pertaining to our living God.

These disturbing statistics and outlooks yield the opportunity that has been presented for believers to do what the Word of God guides them to do in such situations. This includes seeking humility in fervent prayer for a revival with the Spirit of God touching the hearts of the many people needing to know of the truth of Jesus.

God has always been the same God at all times. The hand of God is very apparent in exactness and in multitude throughout modern society just as described in the Holy Bible. God's reaction to His children, and the children of God and their reactions to God are described in precision to all that we see happening in the world today and that was previously written about in God's Word. Other incontrovertible facts of the existence of God are regularly happening including miracle healings in multitude from prayer, the Holy Spirit and His very apparent presence blessing in many ways including in powerful manifestations of varying types plus in giving regular guidance, and exact Bible prophesies are being fulfilled at a quick rate. It is not a secret that many people are having experiences in going straightway to Heaven and coming back, others are having visions of Heaven, and many other people are having direct encounters with Jesus. Only a narcissist, someone having a fear, or others being short-sighted, would completely discount God simply because only other people have had experiences with our living God and they haven't. Not everyone has to have such extraordinary experiences with our living God to declare it true that God and His love and everlasting life in paradise is in indeed fact.

Written by Minister James Rathman 


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Tuesday, 14 July 2020