Prayer of Love

Prayer of Love

 "Father, in the name of Jesus, this day will pass, but your love won't. In the gratitude that I have for my existence, guide me to spread your love and salvation through Jesus to as many people as possible. Help my priority to be on Jesus and the salvation that you have given me, and not prioritizing this passing day of worldly things. Make me rich all day. Lift Jesus high up in my thoughts above all else all day. Tell me what you want me to do and say. Guide me to your children needing hope, speak through me about Jesus; the only hope. Thank you for giving me life and eternal love. I'm yours, for your glory. Guide me to live thoroughly today for your glory in Jesus. Have Jesus on my lips and heart ready to give hope to your children who are without hope. Guide me to say JESUS in the least to one or more people today. Amen."

A Christian Love Revival
Baby Girl's Reaction to the Word "Hallelujah"

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Friday, 14 August 2020

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