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The Love of Christ

The Love of Christ

No one is Christ, or becomes Christ. A mindful Christian lives in a progression to grow and be Christ-like, including in the humility of Christ. 

Every Word in the Bible is love. The highest commandments are to love. The reason and purpose of everyone's existence is 'to be loved,' and 'to love God and each other as God loves.'

As much growth that someone needs to conduct the full love of Christ, this is how much is the work of a Christian.

Bible knowledge is to be used to love, not claim victory. Scripture states that any knowledge from the Bible learned and taught without the love of Christ in mind and forefront, equals someone knowing nothing.

Knowledge used without the humility of Christ is a sinful use of knowledge. The least amount of knowledge learned and taught with the love of Christ, is greater than all of the knowledge learned and taught without the love of Christ.

Human time frames of learned knowledge do not equal superiority, but inferiority, if void of the love of Christ. Time frames of learned knowledge, and knowledge of any amount, do not super-cede the love of Christ.

When someone knows something at a given time, they and their time frames are not God, nor superior to others. God is the creator. All knowledge of the Bible was sent from love, 'to love,' not, to claim evil graduation. Only God is Almighty. God is love. God sent the Christ. Christ is sinless. Christ is the Messiah. All existence if from love, and all are only saved from love. Christ is love.

John 15:12 This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you.

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Monday, 06 July 2020