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Giving Hope

Giving Hope

Who knows what someone is facing today. Tragedies happen, people are ill, broken, have losses, devastation, are distraught, betrayed, lonesome, beaten down, the feeling of no purpose, etc.

Without Jesus today, no one has any hope today.

"Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a heart, gratitude, and a tongue to tell others about you today, JESUS. Take me to someone needing hope today, and have me say JESUS, and tell them about you at the perfect time to give that person hope. You gave me this day, I give it back to you. Let me not play around today with a bunch of nonsense, JESUS. I have your name, JESUS, on my lips ready to speak all day, for that right time. Guide me to someone, talk through me to tell someone today about you, who needs to hear about you today, JESUS. Let this be done today, JESUS. Amen."

Guidance from God
The Love of Christ

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Monday, 06 July 2020