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Give The Glory - Sermon XI

Give The Glory - Sermon XI

Spiritual Warfare

The sermon called Spiritual Warfare starts off with the reading and teaching of Ephesians 6:10-18. These verses make it clear of the need for continual prayer in a world that can have continual spiritual attacks, including attacks on the 'mind,' which is a prime target of the devil.

The Minister enlightens the viewer to the fact that most of the world's population is without awareness of the immensity of spiritual warfare that is happening all around each person, all day, every day. If for only one moment, all was visible to the world, in that moment, everyone would be horrified of the evil spirits...as well as simultaneously in awe of the spectacular beauty and love of God.

Continuing with the sermon, it is explained that someone can be attacked directly from evil spirits as well as attacked through someone oppressed with evil spirits. Scripture tells us that the only protection from the enemy is the Name and Spirit of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and the Word of God which is the Holy Spirit of God.

The Minister explains that a home can be blessed with Holy water, but if there is sin without repentance including the idle acceptance of the sin of others happening in that household, evil spirits have the legal spiritual authority to stay, or to leave and return, and at times in greater numbers.

The Minister asks if anyone suspects a family member or friend of being oppressed with evil spirits?

- Evil spirits can infiltrate and work with people having willing minds and the same goals. Some of the particulars of the thirty to fifty primary traits of someone having an oppression of evil spirits include an inflated ego, being a chronic liar and manipulator, and needing to be the constant center of attention. Envy and jealousy are always present but especially come into play when someone oppressed isn't the primary focus of others. If the oppressed can't control someone's life, they will destroy it. The oppressed love themselves more than they love God or anyone, viewing people as entertainment centers or having uses. They usually have a void of empathy, self-reflection, and accountability. The oppressed are meddlers and negative gossipers who are fault finders, chronic complainers, and who in a derogatory way condemn, belittle, and mock others. They can be sneaks and cheats, and if cornered to the truth of their actions, they typically make excuses, point fingers, lie, fake cry, pout, switch subjects, and manipulate in other ways to avoid truth.

The Minster points out that someone oppressed doesn't necessarily have all of the above traits, and or that they could have other telltale traits as well.

"What to do?" - Is discussed, if someone you know of is oppressed with evil spirits.

 Pray fervently for the Spirit of Truth, Jesus Christ, to free them, and never empower the actions of the oppressed.

Discerning the Spiritual presence from God, the Spirit of God 'can' yield wrath. But, the Spirit of God is joyous, peaceful, having harmony...and love. Even in the case of the wrath of God, there will never be a Spiritual force of 'unease' from God. Someone having the Spirit of the Lord in them could be at varying points of a progression in their walk with the God. But generally they are hungry for God's word, seeking to be accountable, repentive, wanting to grow in the Spirit of the love of God. Children of God will bear good fruit, thankful for what they have, foremost looking to lead others to salvation through Jesus Christ.

The sermon concludes with the guidance that there are two paths only in life, and the Minister leads with a prayer of surrender and salvation through Jesus Christ.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Written by James Rathman, Minister for Jesus Christ


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