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Give The Glory - Sermon IX

Give The Glory - Sermon IX

Mercy and Grace

The sermon called 'Mercy and Grace' starts off with the reading and teaching of the Word, James 1:1-12. James, among many other things, is explained to be a very humble servant of God. Verses two to four are described as a succession of guidance that can lead someone from the trials of temptations to contentment. An incredible offer of love is given from the Lord in verse five, that anyone who desires wisdom can simply ask for it, and God will give it to them.

The Minister testifies to "be ready" when God answers a prayer request seeking wisdom. God teaches most wisdom through life lessons and the review of them for greater closeness to God in the Spirit.

The end result of receiving wisdom is summarized, including that every issue that we could experience in life - such as relationship problems, health troubles, abuses, finance, the sorrow from the death of a loved one - all and everything is covered by the glory of God. In these verses, God tells us that His children should be of one mind, of one accord, of one purpose, and not 'of this world' and 'of Him.' God's glory is only obtained through Jesus Christ our Savior.

Verse 12 is explained; when someone endures temptation and loves God, they will receive the crown of life from God.

The message goes on to tell of the amazing mercy and grace of God, and that every blessing received is simply a gift of love from the grace of God.

Akin to gold being purified in a furnace, the sermon informs us that Christians are the same, in the fire of life being purified of their evil, growing in the wisdom to love from the mercy and grace of God.

The mercy and grace of the Lord will humble someone who is exalting themselves above measure, and someone who is humble He will exalt.

The message continues with encouragement to stay steady and on the path that God has laid out before you. If you waver, repent; and rejoice unto the crown of life from the mercy and grace of God.

In conclusion, the Minister conveys that God is not looking for the perfect, but the repenting sinner who has a love for Him in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Thereafter, a prayer of salvation is spoken for a complete surrender to Jesus.

1st Timothy 1:2 To Timothy, my own son in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.

Written by James Rathman, Minister for Jesus Christ 


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Saturday, 31 October 2020

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