Satan's Assistants

More of the population than not are assistants to Satan to destroy themselves, their family, friends, and anyone in who they influence. Either someone is a vessel of truth and light, or a vessel of lies and darkness. There is no middle ground in spiritual decision making and spiritual warfare. Either someone is with Jesus, or they are not.

God gives everyone a heads up to Holy laws and the exactness of them throughout Scripture, and what will happen if they are broken. When someone exercises a fruit of the devil such as 'attention getting' devices that include gossip, mockery, finger pointing, chronic negativity, chronic complaining, or they break other Holy laws such as lying, cheating, stealing, sneakiness, and having relations out of wedlock, etc., they have given Satan and his spirits permission to oppress them on the spot.

No Christian is supposed to judge or police the sins of others. But when God places someone into a position to deliver a message to protest the sins of others and they don't…they have blood on their hands for that person's sins for not delivering the message, they are guilty of the sin of not delivering the message, guilty of idle acceptance of sin, and have given legal spiritual permission to Satan to oppress them.

Having idle acceptance to the sins of loved ones and friends gives the appearance of an approval of sins, and is one of the worst sins that someone can do. Someone standing idle and not loving their family member or friend enough to try to pull them from the grasp of Satan is a deplorable sin that invites evil spirits. Satan will turn someone into an assistant very quickly when they break a Holy law and are without repentance. 

As extraordinarily more powerful and smarter that Satan is than any human who doesn't have Jesus forefront in their lives, Satan can be also extraordinarily subtle in his attacks. Most assistants to Satan are unaware that they are doing so.

Some people mentally wake up years later after the beginning of oppression and wonder how in the world have they gotten themselves into the situation that they are in. They have, in fact, been seduced in steps into helping Satan for years to ruin themselves and everyone in who they influence.

Without surrendering both oneself, and one's path in life to Jesus, no one has protection from Satan. Scripture states to pray fervently and frequently for protection for good reason. Even those accepting Jesus need to do so…lest they get pulled into oppression and thereafter subtly exercise in greater levels the fruits of Satan against themselves.

Tolerance of sin equals oppression from the devil to be used to destroy family and friends and all around someone. When someone rejects giving their life to Jesus as He did for them, and refuses to allow Jesus to guide their life in receiving immensity of blessings including protection, the yield is Satan's control, destruction, and death.

"Father, in the name of Jesus, I surrender my day and my life to you. I repent my sins. Please forgive me. I confess that Jesus is the Son of God and my Savior, rising from the dead. I surrender all aspects of myself and my life to you. Lord, guide me to do your will, to go wherever you want me to go and to do whatever you want me to do for the glory of your eternal Kingdom. I humbly ask you to give me blessings beyond my imagination so that I can use them to give back to you and your children. Amen."