How We Put Your Money to Work

There is no shortage of those that need help at this moment in-time. There is also a suprising amount of Christian help centers located accross the United States, however they often struggle raising enough money to stay open.

Often times something as small as a utility bill or a bad month of fund-raising can hault the center's ability to help those that need it the most. Give The Glory helps these Christian centers stay open by offering critical financial support for the necesities.

Transparency & Accountability

Our founders strongly believe that the job of taking donations and distributing them morally is a great responsibility. To show complete transparency we have created a first of it's kind Real Time Audit Feed. This is a feed that shows the amount of each donation that comes in and also shows each distribution that goes to a Christian center.


Help Those That Help Others

The "Give The Glory" mission is simple: Spread the word of God by helping those that help others. What does this mean?

In Matthew 11:28 the bible says "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." It is our duty to give rest to those that dedicate their lives to helping others, often with no compensation or recognition.

We empathize with you in any situation that you are in, with consideration as to how challenging life can be. If you are in need of hope or faith - feel free to contact us for prayer.


This Is Our Team Of Evangalists

What we offer everyone

A place for christians to communicate without the distractions of other social media sites. A place to communicate and seek support from pastors and peers.